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Untitled Maze Project is a Myst-like maze game with pre-rendered 3D graphics for Microsoft PowerPoint. It was originally made for PowerPoint Game Jam.

NOTE: My English is not perfect. I'm sorry for this.

Untitled Maze Project

Explore the dungeon, solve the puzzles and find an exit from it. Some rooms are same. This maze is going to confuse you! But many rooms have markings on their walls. So pay attention to them! 

Be careful! Some rooms are traps. If you enter them a door will close forever (but Untitled Maze Project has the checkpoint system). 

You can also wait 10 seconds in the main menu for Demo Mode (computer tries to find an exit from the dungeon without user's action in this). This feature was popular in old games. I decided to add it to my game.

Can you solve all the puzzles and find an exit? Let's see...  Download Untitled Maze Project now!


Many rooms are same! They don't have any markings!


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Install instructions

Just download the file and open it with MS PowerPoint or other application that has PPTX file support.


UMP v1.1 (Easier Version) 95 MB
UMP v1.0 (Hardcore Version) 94 MB

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